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One initiative for musicians and ensembles  you probably already know is rent a musician.  It is a mediating website, an in-between for musicians and organizers. As far as I know they don’t work in the segment of early music. 18FM will get in contact.

Another,  new initiative is LivingConcert.  This site is to become  an online network of artists and living rooms for organising house concerts. They can join this site for free and get access to an online booking tool. This cloudplatform will help them to find and contact each other, and come to an agreement for a house concert. Once the concert is approved from both sides, the host will be able to create online invitations & send them to his friends. He will also get access to different tips & tricks that will help him with the practical organisation of his house concert.

LivingConcert will be mediator for artists of all genres. This might be their strength.

Where the first initiative is already working with a pool of 200 musicians (so they say),  the second initiative  is still in start-up.

We would like to know your opinion on these two initiatives.  Which of both do you prefer ?  Would you participate in one of these ? Or would you like a third emerge specialized for ‘early music’ practice ?  Please let us know by sending us a mail on




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