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Europa Ritrovata is a young music ensemble in a fast growing process. They’ve been growing so fast that now, between the team, dancers and musicians, they’re up to 30 young artists in their full form.

“We feel the need to work together in such a way that all of us would be part of our performances in the same meaningful way.” This means that during any given creative process, every performer encounters all the involved disciplines that will ultimately form the performance.

From a musical point of view they not only perform the historical repertory written for their instruments, but also invite composers to write new music for these instruments.

This way they can experience a first hand communication with the source of the music, which also means a direct dialog between the composer and not only the musicians, but also the choreographer, filmmaker or costume designer.

Within the framework of Museum Night Fever in Brussels a selection of Brussels museums opens their doors to young artistic talent and invites them to create new work, related to the collection and spirit of the museum. In this edition Europa Ritrovata set up a collaboration with Coudenberg, the archeological site of the former royal palace of Brussels, which burnt down in 1731. The site now serves as a museum, a dim-lit mysterious underground labyrinth hidden underneath the streets of Brussels.

The team consists of the orchestra, lead by baroque flutist Matteo Gemolo, choreographer Ivan Schauvliege accompanied by a team of dancers, filmmaker Vincent Pieraerd, the Chapter One collective and costume designer Anke Laerenbergh who will come down from Sweden for the collaboration. Countering the acoustic sounds will be electronic musician Enrico Pigozzi.

The program for these six hours of performance promises to be rather diverse. Next to the historical repertory which includes works by Pietro Antonio Locatelli, Carolus Haquart, Jean-Philippe Rameau and more, also three composers write new repertory for the team. From within Belgium Joachim Brackx will write his third work for Europa Ritrovata. The Italian composer Federico Costanza and Albert Behar from New York are other participating composers.

As a new ensemble, in full development, Europa Ritrovata needs your help to start up its mission. Your donation could and will help them with developing their existing and new projects and grow as a group. Your generosity can help reward these young musicians, composers, dancers, filmmakers, costume designers and so on.

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What to do ??? Go to gofundme and be generous.

The return is appealing :
A downloadable new recording and a signed postcard and undying gratitude.

A free Vip Pass for one of the concerts, a download of the newest recording, + a signed postcard with gratitude and love.

A goody bag with some surprises, and all the above

A 2 hour musical walk trough Brussels with small concerts along the way. Includes a sweet coffee break.

Afternoon tea & cake with a small living room concert in the centre of Brussels.

An exclusive invitation to an intimate living room concert, performance, a film by Vincent Pieraerd with live music + wine and delightful homemade nibbles.


Laurence Servaes – soprano
Matteo Gemolo – traverso
Justyna Novakovic, Kinga Ludvai – traverso & recorder
Shiho Ono, Stijn Schmeddes, Izana Soria, Neepa Acharya – violin
Benjamin Lescoat, Louise Moreau – viola
Fredrik Hildebrand – gamba
Lies Wyers, gamba – gamba, cello
Claire-Sarah Fouché – double bass
Justin Glaie – theorbo
Henriëtte Wirth – harpsichord

Arno Ferrara, Esse Verbruggen, Hong-Ling Chen, Flora Gaudin, Saskia De Ronde, Oscar Casamajor (CHPT. 01), Sofian Korzylecka, Sara Sacha Golijanin, J. Anane,

Video team CHPT. 01
Vincent Pieraerd, Toon Minnen, Marnik Boeckaerts, David Garcia



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