I became curious when I read the name of Locatelli on two graffiti walls on two different locations around the city of Antwerp. I must confess that I was immediately thinking of the eighteenth-century composer of the XII sonatas for flute opus 2.

But yes, this is also Locatelli. Steve Locatelli !

If you would be interested in the other Locatelli, named Pietro Antonio (1695-1764).
His XII sonate a flauto traversiere solo e basso (opus 2) are edited as fac-similé by Jean-Marc Fuzeau.
The first edition was published in Amsterdam in 1732. The facsimile is a reproduction of a copy in the Library of the University of Leyden.

You will find a manuscript of the sonata VI (opus 2) on IMSLP following this link.

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