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W.A.Mozart : Symphony n°25, KV 183


How influential a movie can be.

The music of this symphony is by many associated with the American movie ‘Amadeus’ by director Miloš Forman (1984) based on the theater play by Peter Shaffer (1979).
Title roles for Tom Hulce (Mozart)  en F. Murray Abraham (Salieri).

This recording was made on November 18th, 2016, in the Chapel of the ‘Holland College’ (Dutch college).
The adaptation for clavichord is by wim Winters himself ! The recording is dedicated to Jacques van Oortmerssen (+).
Wim spent over 13 hours making this movie ! Enjoy it.

Thank you Wim for your hospitality on monday and your inspiring insight on EARLYMUSIC.BE ! I hope we will find a nice way to work together in the near future.



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