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Bleib bei uns, Bach


Sigiswald Kuijken depicts in this book his life-long experience with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

An exclusive CD of Bach’s Cantate BWV 147 by La Petite Bande under Sigiswald’s direction is included in the edition.

Since over 40 years, La Petite Bande stands for touching and inspiring people with baroque music of first rank.

Bach’s music is a cure for heart and spirit.
(dixit Sigiswald Kuijken)

Abide with us, Bach is not for sale in the regular bookshops, nor on internet: it is only distributed through La Petite Bande itself. It exists in five languages: Dutch, French, English, German and Japanese. In the next future also a Portuguese and Italian version will come out.

A donation of 240 € to the orchestra – or more if you like – entitles you to receive Sigiswald’s book and CD directly in your letterbox. This contribution to the realisation of the groups specific ambitions will be highly appreciated.

Yes, I want to donate and will receive the book + cd

Sigiswald Kuijken signs every book by hand!



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