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This year we have decided to work again with Frank Theuns and his ensemble ‘Les Buffardins’ as artists in residence and to support them with their new tour and CD recording like we did in 2014. If you read on you will understand why this decision is even more important.
Les Buffardins has an impressive discography.  The ensemble  exists of a very loyal  group of very good, internationally appreciated, musicians.  Frank Theuns prepares every two or three years a new project with great passion and meticulous professionalism. Then he contacts the members of his group for the apotheosis : a tour and a recording. This method works very well.
Because the ensemble meets up only every two or three years,  it is not possible to ask for a structural subvention.  Nevertheless a subvention is required for every project to obtain a valuable result with correct remunerations.
The  project of 2014  received this subvention by the Flemish Community and our collaboration resulted in a beautiful recording, which we are still very proud of. Also the international press noticed the value of the recording.
For the next coming project, planned for october 2017  we introduced a new request for subvention at the Flemish Community, Ministry of Culture. Today we received the decision.  We asked for  9 975,00 EUR to pay for hotel, fees, etc.. The Minister Sven Gatz decided to grant 0.0 EUR to the project, notwithstanding the positive advice he received, because the Minister has higher priorities.
Motivering beslissing 
De minister maakt zich de overwegingen en adviezen van de afdeling Kunsten en de beoordelingscommissies eigen. Binnen de beperkte budgettaire context ziet de minister zich verplicht om, ondanks gunstig advies, af te zien van een subsidietoekenning aan deze aanvrager, om andere aanvragers die gunstige adviezen en een hogere prioritering verkregen, op een haalbare manier te ondersteunen.”
Appeal is possible. For that we should go to the ‘Council of State’ (Raad van State). You understand that this is not an option. .
We noticed before that early music isn’t the highest priority of our Minister (Kunstendecreet : some dissonances).  It makes me sad, even angry.
Poor poor Flanders … what else can I say.
 Axel De Schrijver



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