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The German Flute 1824 – 1846 : a musical treasure


“Dear friends and colleagues,

 as most of you know I have done a doctoral research „The simple system flute between 1790 and 1850, its performance practice and chamber music repertoire with fortepiano and / or strings“.
My website “” contains the most important excerpts from app. 160 flute methods, a database with app. 6000 historical fingerings + comments on these fingerings by the authors and a database of app. 850 chamber music works that I have studied (+ a personal evaluation on the quality of every work).
Besides concerts in November 2016, and a CD-recording ( the doctoral thesis included a portfolio.
I made the portfolio available for download here:
I am currently working on a book that will include my continuing research in this field, however, the portfolio is a good start..
All the best,




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