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Studio Venezia


I was lucky to be able to pay a visit to Venice  just before the recording tour of  ‘Un Concerto a Venezia’ by Frank Theuns and Les Buffardins. Aim of our visit was also the Biennale, where we entered the French pavilion.

I entered an imaginative recording studio, a beautiful creative ‘cave’ where architecture, sculpture and sound were supposed to contribute to a bigger idea.  My pleasure was complete when I not only found new and modern instruments besides ethnical ones, but also a harpsichord, a baroque flute, dito guitar, and more …


“I imagined an overall environment : an immersive installation that propels visitors to the world of the recording studio and that is inspired by the pioneering work of Kurt Schwitters, the Merzbau (1923 – 1937). Musicians from all backgrounds are invited to bring this recording studio/sculpture to life, as it becomes home to their creations during the seven months of the Biennale. The pavilion merges visual arts and music, with a nod not only to Bauhaus and the experiments of Black Mountain College but also Doug Aitken’s Station to Station.” Xavier Veilhan (the artist who created this walhalla)






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