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Antwerpen (Belgium) • Museum Vleeshuis
24. – 25.11. • Retteketet Muziekkabinet 2018

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Graun, Johann Heinrich (~1703–1759):
Sonata C Major
for violoncello & b. c., edited as first edition by Markus Möllenbeck with a basso continuo realization by Wolfgang Kostujak.• EW1045, € 14.90
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Europe for Beginners:
15 Great Christmas Songs
for 1–2 low instruments in C (violoncello, bass gamba, bassoon, trombone) & piano (guitar), voice ad lib., arranged and edited by Dagmar Wilgo and Nico Oberbanscheidt. Unknown, yet very beautiful Christmas songs from off the beaten path that are well suited for integration. Small surprises from Belgium, England, Greece, Luxemburg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia, and Hungary will musically enrich both school lessons as well as promote the growing together of different cultures. Volume 1–L (40 pages, score and parts)• EW1006, € 14.80
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Wilbert, Hermann-Josef (*1933):
9 Christmas Songs from Provence
arranged for recorder quartet (SATB) by Hermann-Josef Wilbert. Contents: 1. Li Pastourèu, 2. Pastre, pastresso, 3. La cambo me fai mau, 4. Ai! la bono Foourtuno, 5. Un ange a fa la crido, 6. Touro-louro-louro, 7. Suon très Rèi, 8. Pastre di Mountagno, 9. Marcho di Rèi. Flautando Edition• FEM309, € 14.80 
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Eccard, Johann (1553–1619):
„O Freude über Freud“ (text by Georg Reimann) for 8 recorders (SSAB + ATTGb/Sb), arranged by Christian Fischer. Flautando Edition• FEA161, € 9.80
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Meder, Johann Valentin (1649–1719):
Chaconne C Major
for 2 recorders (flutes, oboes, violins) & b. c., edited by Klaus Hofmann. The Chaconne is oriented on French styl models. The scoring of the two upper voices is apparently ad libitium („Dessus“). Series Recorders LibraryEW1063, € 12.80
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Abel, Carl Friedrich (1723–1787):
The Drexel Manuscript
29 pieces for viola da gamba solo A1:5–33, edited by Leonore and Günter von Zadow. In our edition for practical use, the few mistakes are corrected and documented in an extensive Critical Report. In the main section, we have retained the original treble clef. A supplement that is notated in alto and bass clefs as is usual today is enclosed. Edition Güntersberg• G333, € 21.50
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Bovicelli, Giovanni (?–nach 1627):
Regole, passaggi di musica, madrigali e motetti passegiati
for 1 Melody instrument or voice (Venice 1594), edited as new edition in Italian by Alessandro Bares with examples of ornamentation on vocal pieces by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Cipriano de Rore, Tomàs Luìs de Victoria, Claudio Merulo, and Giulio Cesare Gabucci. 64 pages. Musedita• BO5RE, € 24.80
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Maldere, Pierre van (1729-1768):
VI Sonatas for two violins
with a bass for the harpsichord or violoncello (London Walsh), for 2 violins & b. c., facsimile. AlamireLast copies: out of print!AL11, € 12.80 
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Vivaldi, Antonio (1678–1741):
L’Estro armonico 12 Concerti op. 3
a 1, 2, 4 violini, violoncello, archi e continuo, RV39–47, Facsimile. Riproduzione dell’edizione di Roger Amsterdam (1711) a cura di Francesco Fanna e Federico M. Sardelli. SPES• AMV006, € 74.50
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Kleinknecht, Jakob, Friedrich (1722–1794):
Sonata G Major
flauto traverso e basso continuo, ms. Copenhagen, Remainders! SPES• MMR016b, € 12.80
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Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de (1689–1755):
6 Concertos op. 15
pour 5 flûtes traversièrses sans basse, oeuvre 15, Facsimile, Paris 1727, Remainders! SPES• AFT050, € 29.80
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Matelart, Ioanne (~1538–1607):
Intavolatura de Leuto
Rom 1559, Facsimile, Remainders! SPES• SI010, € 19.80
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Conti, Francesco (1681–1732):
VIII Cantate a voce sola – Parte seconda
con instromenti (violini, chalumeaux, oboe), Facsimile, MS. Wien, Tavola (Inhalt/Content): 1. La beltà che il core adora, 2. Gira per queste selve, 3. Fugga l’ombra tenebrosa, 4. Fra questi colli ameni. Remainders! SPES• CB029, € 27.50
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Laurenzi, Filiberto (c.1620–?1651):
Musiche per La Finta Savia e Concerti et Arie
Arie a una voce per cantarsi nel clavicembalo ò tiorba – La Finta Savia, Drama di Giulio Strozzi, Venezia 1643 – Concerti et Arie a una, due, tre voci con una Serenata à 5 e doi Violini e Chitarrone, Venezia 1641, Facsimile. Remainders! SPES• MD006, € 39.80


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