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First Chamber Music on Authentic Sound soon : Beethoven Opus 38


We did it ! (and nobody died*)

Last week was very…hmm… intense for Wim Winters!
In 3 days, he rehearsed and recorded Beethoven’s opus 38, which is the master’s own trio reduction of his opus 20 (septet).
This recording will be a milestone for the message we want to spread. Since here you have a major piece, over an hour long, with all musical elements you can think about, played by three musicians playing three different instrument families: strings, wind, keys.
The recording will be on the channel probably somewhere in the month of April so…stay tuned!

It is also the reason why you did not get his newsletter, being totally absorbed by this production.

*I hope you’ll forgive the little irony here… having read so much that the first wind player that ever plays in WBMP will die from suffocation… Massimiliano is still alive and kicking :-).

Here are last week’s YouTube production by Wim Winters:

Pedal and Moderator for Schubert’s Impromptus:
The Versatility of the Viennese pianoforte Explained

Click on the Thumbnail to start the video !
In this conversation we had in November 2019 after the first recording session, we talk about the use of the pedals in the Fritz pianoforte and we deepen into the recording of the Schubert’s Impromptus D899, explaining how we came across certain decisions on the exploitation of the moderator and the sustained pedal. All of this is related to the interpretation we had of the score and to the speed indicated by Sturm’s metronome numbers on this piece. Enjoy our talk!
Watch the video!


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