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Early Music at Concertgebouw Bruges/Brugge

Newsletter Concertgebouw Brugge : preview on the new season 2017 – 2018 (NL)

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Geen oog dicht aan zee met GRAINDELAVOIX

Newsletter Graindelavoix summer 2017 (NL – EN)
Foto Camille Blake

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Een frisse zeebries : Ensemble Isabella morgen aan zee

Announcement of concert on 26 of july, 2017 / Newsletter / Youtube (NL)

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Het Nieuwsblad : Cydonia Barocca

interview with Florian Heyerick (NL) ontleend aan website van Het Nieuwsblad

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Cydonia Barocca : Gent 3 – 4 – 5 juni 2017

the recorder and the quince have the main role in this recommended (!) extraordinary (!) baroque festival in Ghent (NL)

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Hommage aan Ramses Shaffy ?

discover the Utrecht Early Music Festival (with the complete ISSUU brochure) (source newsletter – website FOMU) (EN-NL)

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Meer Stemmig Gent

Independent festival of polyphony in Ghent (NL)


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Zefiro Torna & Arsenaal / Lazarus

A theater performance on good and bad, law and chaos, and jurisdiction at the court (NL)