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The ‘Warder’ flute : oldest flute of the Netherlands

A (rare) crossover between ancient music and archaeology. Dutch flute plays ‘as a kiss from the sixteenth century’. (NL)

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Anton Froeyman on historical performance practice

After all, the authenticity, or truth, of playing a piece of music is not the objective truth of science. It is the subjective truth of human interaction (NL)

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The Beethoven reception in our region. Fétis, Hanssens and Benoit

Article by Jan Dewilde, taken from FORUM+ June 2016 on ISSUU (NL)

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Les contextes d’écoute de la musique baroque

colloque de recherche du département musique ancienne à Bruxelles (FR)

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The return of the clarinet d’amore

Press folder made available on ISSUU and to read on www.earlymusic.be (EN)


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Hoe leit dit kindeke met De Meid en knapenkoor

Video message by Piet Stryckers, one of the participant musicians at our early music festival Retteketet Muziekkabinet

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La rhétorique baroque … ou le discours musical

10e édition (FR)

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Unieke ontdekking in de bibliotheek van kasteel d’Ursel in Hingene

Unique discovery in the library of Castle d’Ursel, Hingene, Belgium : Recently four scores, presumed lost, by Italian composer Gaspare Spontini (1774-1851) were rediscovered in the library of Castle d’Ursel in Hingene. The find consists of four autograph manuscripts of three operas and a cantata which had been considered by specialists to be definitively lost … (NL – EN)
Photo : Ursula, Duchess d’Ursel and Luk Lemmens, councillor for Culture within the Province of Antwerp. Copyright: Joris Ceuppens