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Quels spectacles charmants

Slotevent Early Music and Beyond op 18 juni 2023

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Discover the sound of the Vleeshuis keyboard instruments

“What does a harpsichord, a virginal or a pianoforte sound like? What is the difference between a table piano and a grand piano or an organ and a harmonium? And how are these instruments played?” – this and much more in the newsletter by Museum Vleeshuis

You will find out in this unique listening workshop.

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First concert organised by ORFANTO

Announcement of concert by Ayako Ito on Conrad Graf FS
Orfanto in collaboration with, Ma-go and

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Ruckers-Genootschap wordt ORFANTO, Fonds voor Historische Klaviercultuur

Ruckers-Genootschap becomes Orfanto. The musical practice of historical keyboard instruments and the search for historical keyboard sounds summarises the main goal of the association.

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Stopzetting samenwerking met ‘Uit in Vlaanderen’

Ending cooperation with ‘Uit in Vlaanderen’ means end of our calendar

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END of the Flemish Harpsichord Society!

To end in beauty: concert with Justin Taylor on Saturday, 5 March 2022

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Philippus De Monte born 500 years ago

Early Music Festival Mechelen – 30 september tem 3 oktober 2021


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May the music continue !

Newsletter by the Early Music Department of the ‘Conservatoire de Musique’ in Brussels

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Newsletter MIM Brussels

Containing : – Reorganisation of the ‘History of Musical Instruments in Europe’ room with a prominent place for the Ruckers harpsichords and virginals.
– Sheet music from the Fanfare of Monceau-sur-Sambre
– Jan Caeyers on the instruments from the time of Beethoven
and much more !

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Day of polyphony : live concerts in Ghent

Announcement of mini-festival in Ghent to take place on 3 July 2021

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