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Meer Stemmig Gent

Day of the polyphony in Ghent

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Mini-master class Psallamus | Psalms sing with Psallentes during the opening concert at AlbaNova

Sign up for this mini-masterclass with Hendrik Vanden Abeele (Psallentes) and sing on Sunday 25 June 2017 during the AlbaNova Midweek Festival with Psallentes (EN – NL)


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Chansonnier of fifteenth century re-discovered …

Newsletter Alamire Foundation april 2017 (NL)
( (c) foto Rob Stevens)

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3 x Ignace Bossuyt on Bach

Leuven University Press : new release. Book in Dutch on the H-moll Messe (NL)


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Hildegard in primetime

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was probably one of the most influential women of her time … (EN – NL)

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Klara Live : historically informed performance in the air

Presentation : Nicole Van Opstal / Lut Van der Eycken
january 18 : Tsjaikovsky piano trio by Martin Reimann, Sergei Istomin and Claire Chevallier : captation of a concert in Amuz last year
january 19 : J.S. Bach : Hohe Messe, Les Arts Florissants
(concent with announcement of live concerts by of the Hohe Messe by Hildebrandt Consort

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Gregoriaans op de Dageraadplaats

New cycle of gregorian chant in Antwerp St. Norbertus Church (NL)


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Baroque opera with balls

Le Concert d’Anvers and Octopus Chamber choir bring as a coproduction with The Ministry of Operatic Affairs hearty music theatre (NL)

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