Ewald Demeyere: Goldberg Variations BWV 988 in Luxembourg

“Dear Goldberg, play me one of my variations.” This is, according to Forkel, the request which Count Keyserlingk regularly addressed to his harpsichordist Goldberg to cheer up his sleepless nights. Keyserlingk found in his variations, Bach’s Goldberg Variations, an ideal remedy for sleep disorders, because they were both gentle and lively. In fact, this work consists of a melody and 30 variations, exploring the technical and expressive features of the harpsichord through a variety of structures and styles.

Detaile: http://www.neimenster.lu/Culture/Offre-diversifiee-Calendrier-shop-visites/Programmation/Musiques/Variations-Goldberg-de-J.S.-Bach-Saturday-05-November-2016-8-00-00-pm

Ewald Demeyere is professor for harpsichord, counterpoint and partimento at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. As a recognized interpreter of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, he founded the baroque orchestra Bach Concentus in 2007 and published the book “Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of Fugue” at Leuven university press. On the first evening of the Festival Stille Kunst, this time under the slogan of sleep, Ewald Demeyere will perform the famous Goldberg Variations of Bach in the abbey monastery garden.

Neimenster Abbey