How to use

Maybe I should explain how this blog functions.


First of all, a great part of the content is still local, focused on the flemish part of Belgium. That is why most posts are in flemish, my native language.  But posts of more general interest may be in english or in french, or translations may be added. So please don’t hesitate to share content with us in either of these languages.


On the left side, you find the ten latest posts, but there are many more, and you may find what you ‘r looking for by using the search-utility (top right), or by trying the categories, also at the left side.

Upcoming events

There is a list with upcoming events. Most events have been announced in one or more posts. So, if you want to read the post, just try by category or using the search-utility as mentioned before.


Beneath all this you will find a list of useful links concerning early music.  However, most links to ensembles have been moved to the ‘ensembles’ page, and most links to conservatories, schools, manufactors, museums, … have been moved to the ‘google map’ I made.  I would like to add the links to the local organizations (early music societies) too, but this will take some time (and a paying upgrade of google maps)


Finally, the pages are reserved for the more consistent items.   We work for ensembles and for chamber music amateurs, and have our artist in residence, Frank Theuns. And there is a presentation of running projects as the ‘flute quartet time line’.


We would be happy to receive your advertisement-proposals ! Don’t hesitate to contact us.


You may help us, by adding or improving content, by following us,  or by supporting our organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us.