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Newsletter Museum Vleeshuis (NL)

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Rubens funeral music

Graindelavoix newsletter spring 2017 – CD release (NL – EN)

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Vleeshuis Antwerpen

Newsletter Museum Vleeshuis Antwerp (NL). The Vleeshuis Museum is located in the Historic Center of Antwerp. Surrounded by plenty of attractions, a visit to the museum will undoubtedly make for an interesting day trip.

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Gregoriaans op de Dageraadplaats

New cycle of gregorian chant in Antwerp St. Norbertus Church (NL)


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New harpsichord class at the Conservatoire of Antwerp

Thrilled to announce that from September on, I (K.B.) will be teaching harpsichord at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Honoured to serve in the tradition of Kenneth Gilbert, Jos van Immerseel and Ewald Demeyere to teach among others on the fabulous original Dulcken 1747 at Museum Vleeshuis. Applications are still open, more information through the links below. Spread the word! (EN)

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