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Europa Ritrovata is a young music ensemble in a fast growing process. They’ve been growing so fast that now, between the team, dancers and musicians, they’re up to 30 young artists in their full form. “We feel the need to work together in such a way that all of us would be part of our […]


Contemporary, Woodwind

‘In sacred silence’ : contemporary quartet on historical instruments

[youtube]   ‘In Sacred Silence’ is een kwartet voor twee traverso’s, altviool en tenorgamba, geschreven door Joachim Brackx, en hier uitgevoerd door het ensemble Europa Ritrovata. Musici die ik herken op de foto : Matteo Gemolo, traverso, Neepa Acharya, altviool, Fredrik Hildebrand, viola da gamba en ook nog Justyna Novakovic, traverso ! Dit tekstje, […]

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