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Anne Pustlauk : lecture performance and concert on the simple system flute (1790 – 1850)

The defence of her doctorate (The simple system flute 1790 – 1850, its performance practice and chamber music repertoire with fortepiano and / or strings) is about to take place (EN)

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Vivaldi, Orlando furioso, “Sol da te”

[youtube]   Philippe Jaroussky is the counter-tenor. But do you know this exceptional flute player ? And who can provide me with the (flute) score of this beautiful aria ?

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News from Walhall

from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries. Translation from the greman (of EW 821) by Milo Machover. A Hands-on guide for use in class, in a group or alone. For all instruments, including two play-along cds. 148 pages, EW905 – 29,80 EUR “Das Buch ist ein Geschenk für alle, die Alte Musik machen, ein ‘must have’ für jeden, […]

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Van boom tot fluit / De l’arbre à la flûte

De magie van instrumentenbouw. In een tekst van Philippe Bolton,  voor “Matière et Musique. The Cluny Encounter”, een initiatief van ‘labo 19’  uitgegeven bij Alamire, in 2000. Dit was een initiatief van Claire Chevallier en Jos van Immerseel, editors. Le texte est rédigé en français et traduit en néerlandais. Van boom tot fluit

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