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Pierre Goy performs Chopin on Conrad Graf pianoforte

Pierre Goy is a guest of Orfanto. On Thursday 23 February, in the Notarishuis in Antwerp, he plays works by Field, Hummel and Chopin, on the Clarke – Graf pianoforte owned by Orfanto.

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Orfanto concert series with focus on historical keyboard

Orfanto launches 2023 exclusive concert series with four concerts in Antwerp focused on historical keyboard

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First concert organised by ORFANTO

Announcement of concert by Ayako Ito on Conrad Graf FS
Orfanto in collaboration with, Ma-go and

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Ruckers-Genootschap wordt ORFANTO, Fonds voor Historische Klaviercultuur

Ruckers-Genootschap becomes Orfanto. The musical practice of historical keyboard instruments and the search for historical keyboard sounds summarises the main goal of the association.

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