A frank talk with Raquel Andueza, guest at Laus Polyphoniae

Since her first performance at Laus Polyphoniae twenty years ago, the Spanish soprano Raquel Andueza has been a welcome guest on stage at AMUZ and Laus Polyphoniae. In the unusual edition of 2020 she will be present in various roles. A frank talk … (NL)


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Countdown to AlbaNova 2018

summer festival starts on Saturday, but is open for public on Sunday June, 24

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Musica & Laus Polyphoniae – newsletter january 2016

International Young Artist Presentation (IYAP) coached by Peter Van Heyghen and Raquel Andueza + Summer School with Capella Pratensis (NL)

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CALL International Young Artist’s Presentation 2016

Call for the International Young Artist’s Presentation (IYAP), a coaching and presentation format for young talented musicians or ensembles playing historical instruments or taking on historical sources, organized by Musica and AMUZ (NL – EN)

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