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Authentic Sound an Wim Winters have something to celebrate with you (EN)


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W.A.Mozart : Symphony n°25, KV 183

Wim Winters on clavichord, (c) Authentic Sound


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Congratulations Wim !

100 Clavichord Recordings in 500 seconds …

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Wim Winters shows you around at Joris Potvlieghes workshop

News on a copy of the Fritz 1816 pianoforte Joris Potvlieghe is building for Wim Winters (Authentic Sound) (EN)
Youtube movie and PDF interview of Joris Potvlieghe (website Joris Potvlieghe)

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Wim Winters : AuthenticSound

Wim Winters shares regularly his doubts and thoughts on interpreting Bach. Here a youtube on interpreting Bach partita 2, fugue invention.


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Wim Winters : some recent afterthoughts

Bach’s inventions or The Ultimate Polyphonic Feel (4)
What’s the thing about a new Mozart or not? Afterthoughts on Kostas Papazafeiropoulos’ sonata in G.

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Young pianotalent wanted for All of Bach – Wim Winters’ afterthoughts : J.S. Bach inventions (1)

All of Bach gives an opportunity to 15 youngsters to play and record the Bach inventions.
Wim Winters’ afterthoughts, most recent post with ideas on interpretation and studying on the clavichord.

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MA Festival 2015 : Showcases

In het kader van de tentoonstelling zijn er tal van interessante showcases, die we hier voor u oplijsten. Locatie zijn de Hallen van het Brugse Belfort. ZATERDAG 01.08.2015 11u00 – 11u45 – Klop Clavecimbelbouw Presentatie van instrumenten uit de collectie 12u15 – 13u00 – Joris Potvlieghe Klavichordrecital door Wim Winters met J.S. Bachs partita’s: presentatie […]

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Wim Winters plays Haydn on clavichord

[youtube] You hear Wim Winters playing Haydn, and below he gives some explanations  -unfortunately for some- in dutch. [youtube] Soon you will be able to hear Wim Winters live, together with Frank Theuns, baroque flute. On September 19th they start with a series of 4 concerts with  music by J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach and Telemann. […]


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Appogiatura: k’ Zàamtatatàm or Pàtatatatàm?

I hope Wim Winters will write more of these in future. This dissertation dates from 2011 but is still actual, off course.